Who We Are

Supplied with a soldering iron, a love for guitar pedals, and a curiosity about analog synthesizer circuits, Erich Hochstrasser began building musical electronics in the winter of 2007 and hasn’t stopped since.

After many years of building and debugging modular synths, guitar effects, and tube amps, Hochstrasser Electronics officially launched in the spring of 2017 when the search for a more tweakable envelope filter led to a process of research, development, and design that needed to be shared beyond Erich’s personal pedalboard.

Merging the concepts found in classic guitar pedals with the flexibility found in analog synthesizers, each new design is rooted in a desire to discover new sounds and create something that can’t be found anywhere else.

How We Jam

We’re fans of anything funky and weird and make pedals and amps that celebrate those qualities. We strive to make equipment that ventures outside the norm to inspire sonic exploration and unrestricted creativity for the musician on the other end. We also really prefer gear that can be heavily tweaked.

You’ll find a few extra knobs and switches on our pedals and you may even land on some settings that you didn’t anticipate for a particular type of effect, but we get excited about that. We believe that exploring the sounds in your rig should be as creative as the music-making process itself.  

What We Do

Our operations takes place in a small shop in Rockland, MA about 25 miles southeast of Boston. We do everything from circuit board assembly to crafting custom wood guitar amp cabinets in our little corner of an old sandpaper factory. By creating designs we’re passionate about in small batches, we’re able to keep the process fresh and exciting for us while being flexible for you.

Hochstrasser Electronics currently offers a line of guitar pedals and tube amplifiers and will be adding a collection of Eurorack synthesizer modules beginning in 2019. In addition to maintaining stock of our regularly produced effects designs and handling custom guitar amp builds, we also offer repair services on most other brands of pedals, amplifiers, and synthesizers.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries about our current effects lineup, custom builds, or repair work. Send recommendations of your favorite Phish and Grateful Dead shows too.

Oh also, it’s pronounced hawk-straw-sir.