Meet the most deliciously flexible phaser.

The Transmogriphaser is an OTA-based 4-Stage phaser pedal with some serious room for exploration and control. Utilizing an internal charge pump to boost the required 9V supply to about 16V, the Transmogriphaser has enough headroom to make this one of the cleanest phasers in town, while still offering a healthy portion of scrumptious, gooey phase shifting.

With two sets of controls, one can setup two completely different sounds in a single package and switch between them with the Mode footswitch. Whether you want a subtle, vibey wobble or a throaty, almost filter-like sweep, this stompbox will take you to both of those places and all the swirling daydreams in between.  

This phaser pedal is true bypass and requires 9V DC center negative power (no batteries).

The standard and phat versions are functionally identical, but the phat knobs are slightly larger.

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Depth - This controls the amount of phase shifting that occurs. Dialing it back will yield a mild wobble and cranking it up will lead to a deep swirling phasing.

Feedback - This controls the resonance in the circuit. Dialing this down will make the overall effect more subdued and cranking it will lead to an almost vocal-like phase shifting. The depth and feedback react to one another so make sure to explore them both at the same time.

Rate - This controls the frequency of the LFO that sweeps the phase shifting.

Range - This changes the minimum and maximum settings of the rate control. When in the down position, slower phasing can be achieved and when in the up position, the maximum rate increases almost into ring modulator territory.

Mode - The Mode switch on the left switches between the two sets of controls. The selected mode is indicated by the two pulsing LEDs in the middle of the pedal. When the left one is oscillating, the controls on the left are active and vice versa.

FX - Push this switch to turn the phaser on or push it again to turn it off because the rest of the band is getting tired of always playing Pink Floyd songs and really would prefer to start rehearsing the math-rock opera that the drummer wrote.