Waffle Cone Overdrive and Fuzz

Waffle Cone Overdrive and Fuzz


The Waffle Cone combines the crispy flavor of amp-style overdrive with the creamy texture of wooly 70’s fuzz. With the overdrive first in the chain you can use each circuit as two separate effects or use the crispy side to push the creamy side into fuzz madness. Like a well-scooped waffle cone on a hot summer’s night, it’s a marvelous blend of taste and refreshment.

The crispy side features a 3-band EQ that allows for post-clipping tonal shaping. The HF switch adjusts the overall bite to allow for gentle high frequency taming at the end of the chain, though in the center position this switch keeps the high end wide open. The drive circuit offers everything from a slightly dirty boost to an all-out wail. Inspired by the Guv’nor overdrive circuit, it’s a unique overdrive with a wide tonal palette.

On the creamy side, a familiar fuzz topology delivers a tone that is both smooth and raunchy. The scoop control allows for mid adjustments, while simultaneously altering the response of the tone control. A number of other tweaks under the hood help maintain control at more reserved settings or in combination with other pedals, while still completely letting loose when cranked.

The Waffle Cone is the perfect box for all things distorted, whether you want separate fuzz and overdrive pedals to fit into a small space or you want to combine the two for explorations in extreme crunchiness.

The Waffle Cone requires a 9V center negative supply (no batteries) and features top-mounted jacks and true bypass switching.

Note: The overdrive circuit is hardwired first in the chain. We experimented (a lot) with going fuzz first, but always came back to having the overdrive before the fuzz.

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Crispy Controls

Gain - Increase or decrease distortion

Level - Overall output volume

HF - Reduce the high end. In the middle position this switch is essentially off and the pedal will have the most bite

Treble/Mid/Bass - Post-distortion tone controls for the crispy drive. Like Fender-style TMB tone stacks, the Treble and Bass controls become less aggressive as the mids are increased

Creamy Controls

Sustain - Increase or decrease fuzz

Level - Overall output volume

Tone - This shapes the upper and lower end of the signal. Turning it down will reduce the highs and increase the lows and turning it up with increase the highs while reducing the lows

Scoop - This adjusts the midrange. It scoops the mids when turned up and boosts them when turned down. This works in tandem with the tone control so be sure experiment with both controls at once